Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Buy or Say Goodbye? That is the Question.

Most women have a common passion, in a word, shoes. No matter what our age, marital status, budget or size, we can always find a pair to perk up our outlooks and raise our spirits. Nothing does it better that a great pair of shoes.

One summer evening, I joined a group of women while wearing a special new pair and I was greeted with sighs of envy.

"Those are positively wicked!" one woman quipped with a sly grin.

"Thank you," I replied, smiling with a glow of satisfaction.

"I just can't wear heels anymore," she added.

Well, that gave me pause for thought! I nearly panicked at the prospect of never wearing heels again. Upon further reflection, I had to admit that I was choosing the flats more and more myself as it became less feasible to navigate through an entire day wearing stilettos. When does the day finally arrive when heels are no longer an option? Is it a gradual thing we work ourselves into, like elastic waistbands? Do we unconsciously navigate to the cushy flats on our shopping trips until our supply of sassy shoes has dwindled and we are left with nothing but the basic black flats that our grandmothers wore.

"To hell with this," I say.

 Still I wonder, at what age does wearing the latest shoe trend look silly?

The answer to this question is the same as in all things. We have to be comfortable with our choices. Whatever we do, we must do with good taste and a sense of style. Perhaps the heel is a little lower than it used to be, but it can still be fun. Flats do not have to be boring.  I love my Roman sandles.

Even so, I do not plan to give up my heels any time soon. I will keep the flats for everyday wear and long walks, but will revel in my higher options for dinner parties and other gatherings where panache is a plus. If it requires a soak in a foot bath and a bandaid or two, it is worth it!


babechick18 said...

I am with you Turning 50. I am delighted to report that I spent 5 hours last Friday at a mall in Pinetops, NC wearing 3 inch heels. I must admit I have given up the stilettos but will never give up my high heel shoes. Besides a good, warm soak in a foot bath feels mighty good and bandaids are cheap.

Lianne said...

I've never been able to wear heels. Just can't walk in them and look silly trying. I attribute it to weak ankles. My mother attributed it to the fact that I just "wasn't a lady". Regardless at 5'9" flats worked just fine.