Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammys are for Grown Ups

Grammy night, the ultimate evening of guiltless pleasure for the music enthusiast, rocked in the night like a rollercoaster. It was up and down, then round and round. Lady Gaga opened the show with Poker Face followed by a trip to the fire pit, only to rise from the ashes in a dueling pianos duet with Sir Elton John. Putting these two together was nothing short of brilliance as the lyrics of Gaga’s Speechless were interwoven with that of John’s Your Song.

Throughout the evening, pairings of the oldies with the newbies made for some interesting entertainment. Leon Russell looked the part of father time as he collaborated with newcomers the Zack Brown Band on a harmonious rendition of America the Beautiful. One combination that fell short was that of Taylor Swift with Stevie Nicks. Now Taylor fans don’t get your bobby socks in a bundle. I am sure that Taylor is a fine talented young woman, no disparaging remarks to be made here. I must however make note of the fact that Taylor sang off key for most of her performance. What she lacked in talent she made up for in enthusiasm and I will give Ms. Nicks much credit for her patience with the situation.

And the beat goes on…. Sorry another era.

Pink twirled around in a body suit that looked like it was made of masking tape and left little to the imagination. It was truly awe inspiring and I watched in amazement and wondered aloud, “How can she sing like that?” However breathtaking, I am so pleased that I was not one of those in the audience that got water whipped as she spun about flinging droplets like a lawn sprinkler.

My favorite quote of the evening came from comedian Stephen Colbert as he wondered to the crowd why Susan Boyle was not in attendance. "You may be the coolest people in the world. This year your industry was saved by a 48-year-old Scottish cat lady in sensible shoes," Colbert poked.

There was too much rap for my taste, but of course, any rap is too much rap for my taste. I’m sorry; I just do not get it. It all sounds the same. Bad. I will make an exception for The Black Eyed Pea’s, I Got a Feeling which has a hip hop, rap, but feel good kind of sound, and with lyrical genius such as; “I got’s my money, let’s spend it up,” well who could be unimpressed.

We can’t leave out Beyonce, the queen of the awards this year taking six to Taylor’s four. Thank god, as we did not want another replay of the outrage that was expressed by Kayne West last year at the MTV awards. I must confess that I could empathize with these feeling a bit as I watched Taylor receive the award for album of the year, but I am far too much of a lady to run up on the stage and say so.

Beyonce stole the show as she marched on stage with her posse of futuristic soldiers, grabbed her crotch, and belted out If I Were a Boy, followed by an Alanis Morrisette cover of You Oughta Know.

Other highlights of the evening included the shared splendor of Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige performed for Haitian relief, classic tunes by heart throb Jon Bon Jovi, a rocking medley by Green Day and tribute to Michael Jackson. No matter what your preference in music, Grammy night is a free opportunity to experience it all, take away from it what you like, and leave the rest. Where else can you see such star studded, eye popping performances fireside in the comfort of your home?

I for one, plan to get out there and buy me some Lady Gaga. Now I know what you are thinking. Does a fifty something female have any business becoming a fan of Lady Gaga? It just doesn’t seem right does it? But fan I must become. This might even make exercising fun. I could break out the old leg warmers and torn sweatshirts and bust out a little Flashdance action in sunglasses, red lipstick, crazy hair, and tights. I can see it now, the expressions on the faces of my friends and family as I show up to future functions Gagafied! Call the hairdresser, I need some help here! Forget the Red Hat Society, let’s form the Gaga Club.

Could be fun.


Kay said...

You did it again Jody. Very fun reading and gave me some ideas of what CDs I should go shopping for. It has been way to long since I have updated my music collection.

jennifer said...

Love it. and no fifty is not too old for Gaga. You like it, then buy it. We need to support these folks that actually have true talent!!!

pattiz said...

Pinks performance was outstanding - or rather - outswinging. Wasn't much of a fan of hers, but I thought she was one of the highlights of the show. I can get along without all the crotch grabbing, too...makes me wonder what those people are harboring down south. Ick. Ditto on the rap, although I like some of Eminem's stuff. Some of these shows seem to become more X-rated, but then again, maybe I am just "too old"! Stevie Nicks performance was classy. But she always has been.