Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blame it on Barbie!

Those of us turning 50 this year share our birth year with a very special lady. She is on a first name basis with the world and her product line has achieved brand recognition around the globe. We grew up with her, as did our daughters, as will our granddaughters. You guessed it! Barbie!

Barbie first came on the scene in 1959. She came clad in a black and white striped swimsuit and high heels. The following year her boyfriend Ken was created, and the two were an item up until 2004, once of the longest courtships of all time. All little girls love Barbie and some big girls too. Who can resist the cute little shoes in all varieties?

Barbie has created a stir now and then with some discussions concerning her body proportions and the image that she perpetuates with young women. Although there are various opinions as to how her measurements stack up to a full size woman of similar proportions, the dimensions go something like this: 38" bust, 18" waist and 34" hips. Now we are talking some seriously unattainable goals here ladies. Not even Scarlett O'Hara with the strongest corset in Atlanta could achieve this. So if we wonder why our bodies have never has quite matched up with our expectations, blame it on Barbie!

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