Monday, August 10, 2009

Is 50 the new 40?

As I face the final countdown to the big 5-0, I take solace in this popular catch phrase. But is 50 really the new 40? It seems that 50 something women are healthier, happier and some say more attractive than past generations of women at this time in their lives. We are as a group more independent than our mothers and grandmothers at fifty. We do indeed watch our weight and worry about our waistlines a great deal more that generations past. Our lives move faster with technological advances leading the way.

Most of us take stock in ourselves and our lives upon reaching a milestone such at this. We take a look not only at where we have been but where we are going. We ponder what may be missing in our lives while at the same time giving thanks for all that we do have. We evaluate what direction to take as we enter the next phase. Questions we ask ourselves:

Shall I continue on the same path as before or should I choose the path less traveled? What would I change about my life if I could?

To answer these and other questions, please join me.


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babechick18 said...

I never thought about the things you mentioned at 50, but at my age you really do start thinking differently. I have started my "bucket list". The time to get stuff done is NOW. You'll not hear me say, "Maybe I'll do that next year." I will not pass up any opportunity to try something new. Hey, I got my belly button pierced at 50, my first tattoo at 60 and who know what 70 might bring.