Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twenty Six Letters

Twenty-six letters
provide possibilities,
an infinite selection
of words carefully chosen,
arranged to mold sentences
layered one upon the next
to shape prose.

Words peppered with punctuation,
seasoned with personality
become characters, whose actions create the plot,
artfully presented to form the novel,
the reading of which spawns ideas that beget
greater ideas, combined together
to incite opinions, illustrations, song.

Phrase and verse evoke emotion;
move the listener from laughter to tears,
provoke anger and may sway the reader
to the other side, or not.
Power comes in words selected,
crafted, and composed from only these
twenty-six letters.

1 comment:

ronda said...

Love this post, Jody! Like Emily Dickinson said, I dwell in possibility." Twenty-six letters, so many words, imagine the possibilities......