Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keep Pushin On

I would not have wanted to miss this morning, with the snow outside my window. It would have been a shame not to be here, in my kitchen sipping coffee, while listening to soft music. I treasure this moment and I am thankful.

I think of an old friend who has died. I see his young blue eyes and mischievous grin as I chop the vegetables. I wonder where the years have gone and I cry a little as I remember what once was and ponder what could have been.

I would not have wanted to miss the phone call that I received last night from my son announcing his engagement, a sign of so many good things to come. As I stir the soup I think of wedding plans and children.

I think of this old friend and all that he will miss now that he has passed from this life so early. I am sorry for him and for all that he has lost. I am sorry for his family and for the friends who remember him like I do.

I would not have wanted to miss the wine, conversation and song that we enjoyed last evening with old friends and new, around the kitchen table. Each day I will celebrate and roll with the changes.

I think of this old friend as he was at twenty, full of hope and confidence. He loved life and REO Speedwagon. This is how I will remember him.

I would not have wanted to miss this moment, as I put my thoughts on paper, and listen to the wind chimes outside my window. I am home.

Keep on Rollin.


Kay said...

Another awesome blog, Jody. And you are so right. Some people are called home way to young and we all need to remember that the next breath we take may be our last.

RHonda said...

Beautiful thoughts.