Thursday, October 22, 2009

Facebook, Friend or Folly!

Those of you that read my blog will notice something new. I finally succumbed to the hype surrounding social media and decided to give it a try! Yes, I have created my very own Facebook page.

Now for those of you who have no experience with Facebook, the simplest way to decribe it is a personal mini Web-site. You can list as little or as much information as you care to in your profile and you can share this information with your friends. You also have a Facebook Wall on which you can post photos, video and anything else that you want to share with said friends.

Your Facebook friends are others on Facebook that you have contacted and sent out a friend request that they accepted or vice versa. Sounds simple doesn't it. Welllll maybe... So far so good, but I will keep you posted.

There seems to be some sort of contest among some to see how many friends they can attach to their pages. It is a nice feeling to get a friend request in the mail,e-mail that is, but we do sometimes have to decide if we truly want that person to be privy to our daily activities and inner most thoughts. I got a friend request from my insurance guy who I see once every couple of years. I am sorry but I had to ignore that one. Aquaintance yes, nice guy, certainly, but friend, not so sure.

There are some that have hundreds and hundreds of friends listed. I am not sure I even know that many people. It makes me feel down right inadequate when I see stats like this, but you know there are overachievers everywhere.

Having finally experienced this Facebook phenomenom first hand I will say there are some very positive aspects to it. It has enabled me to get in touch with a couple of old friends that I have not seen in awhile. It is great to see pictures of their families and to catch up with them in this way. I hope that we can get together in person in the near term and without Facebook, who knows if we would have ever been on each other's radar screens. It is so easy as we get older to let old friendships fall by the wayside as we grow busy with the present.

It is also a fantastic way to stay tuned in to family members, especially those that live far away. It is possible to link up with cousins and in-laws and keep them informed on the family events with the posting of a couple of photos on the "Wall". We can trade some funny tidbits and get a glimpse of each others lives from afar.

Facebook can allow us to share little pieces of ourselves with others. I have seen a couple of really good videos, seen some good jokes and it is nice to see their smiling friendly faces pop up now and then. All in all, it is just plain good to hear from them and I feel fortunate to truly call them friends.

Twitter anyone?

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