Saturday, October 10, 2009

Contemplating Cher

There are few people that have achieved worldwide recognition by their first names. One of them is most certainly Cher. We all know Cher from her music and movies. We grew up watching the Sonny and Cher show. We know her kids names, Chastity and Elijah Blue, her husbands names, Sonny and Greg and we have followed the trials and tribulations of her life and career. We have seen her grow from teenage hippie chick to full blown celebrity over the past four and a half decades. Few stars have achieved such enduring success in such a wide variety of genres.

Cher is currently the headliner at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. She is in pretty good company as her show alternates with that of the Divine Miss M and followed a multi-year stint by another superstar, Celine Dion, at the same location. I saw the show last week and it was nothing short of spectacular. My husband was generous enough to score seats just eight rows from the stage so we had a view that was up close and personal.

For an hour and a half, she performed in an array of costumes that left little to the imagination and some how it felt right. It was Vegas after all and it was Cher. We have at times witnessed the aging rock stars that still have talent but look a little silly in their tight pants under the bright lights. This was not the case here folks. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, sixty three has never looked so good! Her voice is as strong as ever and she moved about the stage with grace and agility.

As much as we can admire her talent and great looks, the thing that I admire most is her attitude. She is a survivor. Her self confidence and her conviction to settle for nothing less than what she wants resonates. She is not afraid to take life on her own terms even if that means that she is the subject of scrutiny and even a certain amount of ridicule from time to time. She does what she wants. It is that simple.

I almost missed out on this show. As often happens there is a variety of viewpoints whenever a group of people get together and try to select a plan of action. If I had a dollar for every time that I have deferred to someone else and went along with what other people wanted I would have a pretty big stack by now. There is always someone in the group that decides what the choice of entertainment will be or the choice of restaurant and there are those of us that typically follow along. We get used to this as we allow our spouses, children, family, clients, and even friends make the choices. Every once in awhile we have to stand up and say loud and clear, "This is what I want," whatever it may be, and stick to it.

Taking a stand and asking for what we want can be risky. What if it turns out badly? What if we end up looking silly? What if we make someone mad at us?

Taking a stand, asking for what we want, and not apologizing for the outcome, these are all qualities of a DIVA. Having the self confidence to make choices for ourselves and to take chances is essential to holding ourselves in high esteem and in receiving the same treatment from others.

As I watched the show, I sat there suspended in amazement and most certainly happy that I had done what I really wanted to do, no apologies needed. I plan to do it a whole lot more often.

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